#FreeInHijab by Sam Afrin Sheikh

Styline arranged a review writing contest about free in Hijab on the occasion of World Hijab Day 2019. We are overwhelmed with the response from our customers on this contest. Thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts and experience in the journey of modest lifestyle.
Sam Afrin Sheikh was one of the winners of our article writing contest. She beautifully expressed her thoughts in her writing.

” As far as I remember I have always been wearing hijab in public without fail, Alhamdulillah. The earliest that I have worn hijab with the full intention of covering up was from Grade III. I grew up in the Middle East, where seeing women wearing hijab was a normal sight and that made it easy to transit into a fully fledged ”hijabi”. This was indeed a blessing from Allah as I have seen later how hard it is to forego temptation in favour of hijab in environments where hijab is not so common.

As for being free in hijab, I have not seen any obstacles to hijab. I have religiously worn hijab to school, college, festivals and functions, without feeling like I was sticking out as a sore thumb. I have worn hijab abroad, at home, in family functions, in formal gatherings, etc. I have paired hijab with sarees, kameez, suits, etc. When setting out an outfit, I automatically set out the hijab to go with it. When buying clothes, I buy hijab that complements it. At times I even buy outfits to match the hijab I have already bought! People are shades of judgemental but once they have met me, they see the real me, a personality that comes wrapped in hijab.

One of the reasons it has been easy to maintain hijab is because I do not place much emphasis on hijab styling. My hijab is worn in a simple style, covering what needs to be covered-the hair, head, neck and chest. As such the hijab does not feel like an extra load on my head and shoulders. In fact hijab draping acts as a way to contour my face! I choose hijab fabrics to suit the climate so that hijab does not feel like an added burden. Wearing hijab gives me joy and peace, a sense of fulfilment, and I shop hijab with equal zest like any other garment shopping. All it takes to maintain hijab is the willpower to stay true to your beliefs and to ignore the feeling of what others might say about you.

Being diligent in hijab has given courage and strength to some of the ladies I associate with and Alhamdulillah they too have taken up on constantly wearing hijab. Hijab is not a barrier, it is another facet of life. It does not hamper fashion, instead it lends an added style to one’s overall look. ”