#FreeInHijab by Sinthia Kabir Bushra

On the occasion of World Hijab Day 2019, Styline arranged a review writing contest about free in Hijab. We got overwhelming responses from our customers on this contest. Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest. And most importantly for sharing your thoughts and experience in the journey of modest lifestyle. 
Sinthia Kabir Bushra beautifully expressed her thoughts on Hijab. Congratulations on being one of the winners of our article writing contest. Here’s what she wrote –

”Hijab to me is about being comfortable in my own skin and having the confidence to tell people why I choose to dress the way I do. I wear Hijab not because it represents my morality, backwardness or modernity, but because it makes me feel complete. I choose to wear a hijab and it represents my pride in being a Muslim and somehow makes me fulfill my duties to my religion. And also my Hijab makes me feel that my interlocutor is focused on who I really am. Hijab to me reflects personal identity. Hijab is never a sign of oppression, ignorance or falling in the shadows of society. Each women who wears the Hijab has her own style. I don’t have a particular style but it is important for me to wear my Hijab in a way that makes me feel comfortable and able to express myself while getting work done. I love that Hijab makes me Visibly Muslim.”