Styline – Mission, Vision and Culture!

In 2015 April, we launched Styline with only one product line – Hijab. Since then, we are growing in different verticals, such as –

  • we added new product lines – Modest Dress, Halal & Organic Cosmetics, and later in 2020 – Healthy Food.
  • we introduced the new retail concept and currently have 5 experience hubs a.k.a outlets in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet – to integrate people’s online and offline shopping experience, and
  • we are expanding outside Bangladesh to cater our existing niche market we are expert in! We always believe – win the village before you go to the city!

Our goal is – in next 10 years, we will be THE Lifestyle Platform of Bangladesh!



Build a modest and socially responsible society with the help of technology.

The one big difference that significantly helps us stand out is the understanding and wise usage of Tech. You can take a look at our apps to have a glance.

Android :


A platform for millions of small businesses, boutiques, local communities, and artisans to sell directly to the right customers via a tech-enabled lifestyle marketplace.



In Styline, we like to encourage people to think out of the box, get out of the comfort zone, and execute what seems impossible. Never Stop pursue what we want to achieve! We believe in showing up every day in every way until we make things happen – and this is what makes us different!

We believe YOUNG and VIBRANT brain could show a new direction to find out the problems and how to solve them in more dynamic ways. We do mistakes, but we learn from them quickly. We know doing the same mistakes again is costly! This is why you will see a super young Styline team doing all the heavy works and taking important business decisions. Agility and swiftness is the key in Styline.

we EMPOWER people and we believe the only way to scale is to empower leadership at every level.

We are more than open to partnership and collaboration. We help you to win in a partnership because only then we can win and the partnership could sustain! Meaningful and valuable partnerships will help us reach our mission.

In Styline we let customers fall in love with our services so that they come again and again. We just don’t sell products, we offer a LIFETIME SERVICE in Styline. So far we won MILLIONS of hearts and with YOU, we want to win the REST!