Celebrate your Eid with Gold Jewelry!

আসছে ঈদ! এই ঈদে সব কেনাকাটার পাশাপাশি সৌন্দর্যচর্চাটা ঠিক রাখছেন তো? যেহেতু আমরা সবাই চাই ঈদে আমাদেরকে সারা বছরের অন্য সময়গুলো থেকে আর একটু বেশি সুন্দর দেখাক, তাই এইসময়ে self-grooming তো মাস্ট! সম্পূর্ণ কেমিক্যালমুক্ত, হালাল এবং অরগ্যানিক কসমেটিকস এর জন্য আপনাদের সবার প্রিয় স্টাইলাইনে তাই ঈদকে কেন্দ্র করে থাকছে গোল্ড জেতার অফার! এই ঈদে স্টাইলাইনের […]

Store in Charge Needed in Ctg Outlet (Finlay Square)

We need a full-time store in charge of our CTG Finlay Square outlet. As our customers are mostly female, we prefer a female store in charge.  Responsibilities Sales Growth – decorate the store, recommend and display items that match trend, needs and season, manage stock level, contact warehouse when new items are required, make key […]

Recruiting HR Generalist (Sr. Executive/Assitant Manager) in #FashionTech Startup

Styline (www.stylinecollection.com), the female lifestyle-based marketplace, is looking for a driven HR generalist to form and head up the function for the growing organization. The aim for this role is to set up and maintain all people operations related activities starting from talent acquisition, onboarding, compensation & benefits, employee engagement, and performance management for a […]

Styline’s Marketplace Day Comes with Additional 5% OFF!

Anniversary Fest এর তৃতীয় দিনে আজকে আপনাদের সাথে আমরা উদযাপন করছি Marketplace Day. প্রথম দুইদিনের মতোই আজকের আয়োজনেও থাকছে স্পেশাল অফার – সাথে পুরো সপ্তাহ জুড়ে ১০০০+ অফার তো থাকছেই। মার্কেটপ্লেস ডে আইডিয়াটা একেবারেই নতুন, এজন্যই আলাদা করে আপনাদের জন্য লিখতে চেষ্টা করলাম। আপনারা অনেকেই জানেন হিজাবের পাশাপাশি আমাদের এখন মডেস্ট ড্রেস এন্ড হালাল আর […]

Styline Turns 4 – A Weeklong Festival to Celebrate!

Styline steps into its 5th year on 10th April. It comes with a cake that we will cut at 5pm, 10th April, with our customers, well-wishers, and partners; but it won’t end there. It’s a new height for us that we reach, and we want to celebrate it in an extraordinary fashion. A Weeklong Festival […]

Fashion Designer (Fulltime) Needed in Lifestyle Brand

So many people nowadays study fashion design and have the interest to design dress line. And so many of them have good sense in designing dress, but they end up pursuing career in something else! Styline is looking for such talented and creative individuals to join our team and bring their extraordinary design idea into […]

Recruiting Manager of Retail – Lifestyle Startup

Styline, the leading modest marketplace in Bangladesh, is hiring again and this time in retail section. Stores are new frontier for us and we already setup 5 stores in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. We need a talented, goal-drive and ambitious individual who will take the responsibility of sales growth in our retail section. Job Description […]

Styline’s Young Leadership Program 2019

The Story Styline (www.stylinecollection.com), the female lifestyle based marketplace, invites talented and disruptive fresh-grads (or young professionals) to join its prestigious Young Leadership Program 2019. The goal of this program is to build leaders who can take over different teams in Styline within 6 months. This program comes with a comfortable salary and an opportunity […]

Recruiting Creative Visualizer for Lifestyle E-commerce!

The only way to do great work is to love what you do — Steve Jobs. Are you passionate about creating meaningful and creative visual contents that will be admired by thousands of people around us? Styline is looking for a creative visualizer who can translate our campaigns idea into creative contents. Maybe you are […]