Looking for Our Flagship Brand Manager (Sales and Marketing) – Lifestyle Startup!

Styline is looking for an experienced brand manager for our FLAGSHIP product line – Hijab, who will look after the sales and marketing part of all categories and subcategories under this product line.

We are building a marketplace and targeted a very niche market to tap, we started with Hijab and now we have 3 product lines – a. Hijab, b. Modest Dress and c. Halal and Organic Cosmetics. At first glance you might think is the market big enough? Yes, it is already a Billion Dollar market and we are always exploring to introduce new product lines to expand. We are looking for a superman in this role as this is more than a 9 to 5 job and it will be a bit overwhelming for people who don’t want to take challenge and disrupt a market!

To know more about our mission, vision and values, please check here.

The Significance of Hijab Product Line

Styline launched with hijab (and only hijab) in April, 2015 and since then, we launched 5000+ hijab SKUs in our platform and sold 200K+ hijabs. We gained huge popularity in Bangladeshi female who follow modest lifestyle and this inspired us to launch next 2 product lines – Modest Dress (2017 June) and Halal and Organic Cosmetics (2018 April) – in fact people know us for hijab so deeply that this 2 teams are getting hard time to ensure standalone recognition.

Goal of 2019

  • Grow 3x SKUs this year (in 2018, it was 2000+).
  • Increase yearly sales 4x.
  • Expand outside Bangladesh border.

The Role

As we are the market leader for hijab online sale, we want to push us to become the marketplace for hijab in Bangladesh. 2019 will be a very challenging and disruptive year for us towards that goal and we need a visionary and dynamic leader who is disruptive and hungry enough to bring result by leading and execution. S/he will be responsible for marketing and sales of this product line, running the team, taking part in business strategies planning and decision making, and then managing and executing business goals with proper action plans and strategies.

How to Apply

You can reach to us here – admin@stylinecollection.com with your resume.

*** In your cover letter, please tell us why you are the ONE for this role.

Job Description

We tried to elaborate job description in several sections below –


  • Build a schedule for events and launching (T-chart), coordinate and manage the schedules with sales, CS, fulfillment and marketing team. 
  • Analyze Sales data and take necessary steps to achieve monthly, quarterly and yearly targets.
  • Co-ordinate and train the CS team to push sale and marketing effort.
  • Help sourcing team to understand market trend, find and suggest them good designs.
  • Find and execute plans on new channel of sales (example – distribution to new offline channel).
  • Store sales coordination (details in store part).
  • Run customer satisfaction surveys and how to continuously offer customers better shopping experience.
  • Understand self orders and observe our plan to have 500K active visitors monthly in the app (from hijab side, how it can help).
  • Cater prime customers, sell prime cards.
  • Work with different customer segmentation and execute action plans to achieve target.


  • Plan, analyze and run marketing campaigns based on T-charts and continuously monitor their ROI (online and offline).
  • Work with marketing team to analyze different marketing efforts, find out unit marketing cost and how to optimize.
  • Work with most important marketing metrics closely – CAC, CLTV, AOV etc.

Store Sale

  • Design and execute sales and marketing campaigns for stores.
  • Store sale analysis and how to grow (engagement and sales).
  • Organize and run event in stores.
  • Recruit, train and manage store people.
  • Store decoration, product organization and layout planning.

Business Strategies and Planning

  • Analyze 2018 sale, other SKU related data and set a target for 2019 (how many collection, SKU, comes from who) with the help of the leadership team.
  • How to roll out current stock of almost 25K hijab (analyze existing purchase trend to figure out potential market, new market and new distribution channel).
  • Understand hijab trend of the market and forecast trend (which is the next style, who are doing good, competitor analysis).
  • Develop quarterly, monthly and yearly marketing campaigns and their ROI.
  • Find out new market – how to intercept the market, brand building stories, target group pain point analysis, customer segmentation).
  • Initiate different type of categories and subcategories under hijab product lines (example – styline signature, essential, regular, premium) and position them to the right market.
  • How to be the marketplace of hijab – very important (need to bring brands, stores, traders, sellers). There are main 2 challenges to be a marketplace of hijab (create the branding that we want to be a marketplace, and make partnerships with – traders, wholesalers, brands, stores).

Build and Manage Partnerships

Build Partnerships

  • Analyze local and international market, look for potential partners – home and abroad (brands, stores, traders, wholesalers).
  • Devise the processes to bring partner onboard.
  • Understand partner’s nerve points and prepare partnership packages.
  • Initiate partnership discussion and communicate smartly to negotiate and reach to a deal.

Manage Partnerships

  • Do SWOT analysis of the partners and find out USP (unique selling point) to focus on.
  • Analyze different metrics and offer them convenient packages.
  • Build after-boarding process and continuously communicate with partners to improve that.
  • Analyze partnership sale, set the target and continuously coordinate with partners to achieve that.


  • Continuously coordinate and discuss with the leadership team on business goals, strategies and decision making.
  • Run the sales and marketing team, build processes and strategies, delegate to the team and follow-up to reach to the goal.
  • Design and develop SOPs in sales and marketing department and continuously follow-up.
  • Build job description to expand the team, recruit new team members (stores and office) with the help of HR team.
  • Run training program on sales and marketing, invite guest speaker for talks.
  • Build inhouse product development team (designers).
  • Conduct model hunt programs to ensure inflow of models for the shoots.

Product Development

  • Understand brand positioning and choose designs of hijab based on this to source and manufacture.
  • Conduct photoshoots (indoor/outdoor, product/conceptual shoot) and coordinate to create creative contents (video, image, text) for social media (facebook, youtube and instagram).
  • Build a hijab designer team and manage them to bring out new design eventwise.
  • Facilitate projects to manufacture new hijab designs with freelancer/inhouse team.
  • Create and nurture market for premium hijab.

Maintain Public Relations

  • Build social media relations with the well wishers, group owners and influencers for creating social media engagement.
  • Manage to develop contents (direct and indirect) with the help of content team to position Styline as an adviser of hijab lifestyle.
  • Connect with relevant influencers, top Styliners, group owners for campaigns and event.
  • Organize activation programs like university and other group activation programs (different home Majlish) etc.
  • Host round-table and focus group discussion with customers and random people.

Requirements (What we Look Into a Candidate)

  • Proven experience to manage brand(s) – sales and marketing.
  • Disruptive and driven mindset to bring result.
  • Excellent ability to understand and analyze customers mindset.
  • Team building and leadership ability.
  • Self driven, goal focused and committed.
  • Take the ownership of work – build process, and continuously improve.
  • Creativity and ability to produce innovative and original ideas.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skill.
  • Time and project management skill, including the ability to work on multiple projects at the same time.
  • Analytical skill and attention to detail.

What we Offer

  • 40K – 80K BDT Salary Monthly. We are looking for 1 – 3 year sales and marketing experience. If you think you can create better impact, don’t bother about the salary, let’s talk. (We want leaders in Styline who can gain seats in the leadership team)
  • Grow your skill and career in a challenging and dynamic environment.
  • Work directly with the leadership team (great opportunity to be part of the leadership team).
  • Friendly and challenging environment to learn, make decisions and execute.
  • A culture of leadership and empowerment.
  • Feel pride in what and how we are building a long-term brand for people around us!

How to Apply

You can reach to us here – admin@stylinecollection.com with your resume.

*** Add a cover letter and tell us there why you are the ONE for this role.