Recruiting Customer Experience Manager in Fashion E-commerce

The post-covid fashion scene is much more exciting for e-commerce as it is becoming the mainstream fashion space. We are looking for a pro-active and disruptive team member in our management to deeply believe, focus, and execute our core business value – customer obsession.

This is an exciting role and brings the opportunity to directly work with the leadership team, huge learning, and growth opportunity for people into the customer experience.

Goal & Functionality

  • A level-up in customer experience, and it should be measurable and visible. Serve the customers in a way so that we can clearly identify the difference from now.
  • We must understand this is a much much higher and more impactful role than customer service management. It’s about customer experience improvement, and we need to see a measurable level-up. This is directly related to sales and branding. So planning those goals and setting the action plans to achieve the goal is the top-level goal of this role. 
  • Be structured and result-driven. We should quantify and measure the performance and achievement of the related teams, with the help of a data-driven system. 

Three aspects of work

  1. CS management and training
  2. fulfillment problem supervision and solving
  3. user experience improvement (UX of social media, phone calls, and user experience in different inboxes and comments). 

How to Apply

You can apply here – with your resume. We would like to see some “WOW Factor” in the resume, and it would be great if you can describe why You Are The One!

High-level Action Plan

  1. Open a wing for issue solving. prioritize issues over normal message reply (existing customer over new customer). the goal of any issue solving should be an upsell – how that issue is solved and we sell an additional product to that customer? (For issue solving, we should have a direct contact number and channel) 
  2. Be the single-point decision-maker for any CX-related event including issues (anyone can talk directly about any CX issue, single-point accountability system). Any team member should have this access and know where to knock when they want to talk about CX.
  3. Call over text. Should set a rule when this is very important, especially when a conversation is over 3-5 minutes or an issue is found. When to make the call? Should strictly supervise if this is being followed. 
  4. How to connect with existing people on Whatsapp?.
  5. IP phone – and observe all its functionality.
  6. Utilize the full usage of labeling and assigning in FB inbox.  
  7. importance and implement the outbound calls.
  8. we have to diversify the works of the CS team, Someone would be able to do good in all three departments –  outbound calls, CS team (social media), and issue solving, so that once the pressure is less in one sector, we can utilize the other.
  9. UX – FAQ in the message box, automated message reply, Page’s away and available time, these are all connected to the UX. What will new visitors feel when they come to our Facebook or Instagram? Is the “Shop” section OK on the page? It’s featured products are aligned with the monthly campaigns?


  • At least one year of experience in customer relationship management.
  • Be a problem solver.
  • Communication is the key.  
  • Be disruptive.
  • Analytical.
  • Be data-driven.
  • Keep a balance between empathy and getting things done.
  • Weekly report.
  • Super proactive.
  • A clear path to defining performance improvement of CX, and continuously implement that.
  • Take ownership of work.
  • Excellent written and verbal copy-writing skills.

What we Offer

  • Salary range 30K+ bdt monthly for a full-time role, breakdown into the gross and target-driven model.
  • Grow your skills and career in a challenging and dynamic environment.
  • Work directly with the leadership team, an opportunity you won’t want to miss if you want to grow fast.
  • Friendly and challenging environment to learn, make decisions and execute.
  • Lunch facility.
  • Performance bonus based on the evaluation.
  • Festival bonus.

What Can Go Wrong

  1. If we forget the core value of CX (which is customer obsession). A customer wants to order something, are we able to place the order at the right time in the right way? and then deliver the order at the right time right way? Did the customer get access to what she wanted at the right time right way? We need someone who always keeps an eye on a higher and broader perspective to see these criteria are met. 
  2. Failing to define SMART Goal. We should quantify what is the goal and convert it into actionable plans.  
  3. Focus on regular message reply too much, Don’t be part of the message replies because pressures are high. Only reply messages when you show examples, correct mistakes, solve some issues in very rare times (example – sales week, reply messages if the support isn’t enough). This role needs micro-management, but not too much micromanagement so that other tasks are postponed or you don’t get enough time to spend on the right tasks. 
  4. Working with gen-Z in the CS and fulfillment team. A typical problem of gen-Z people is – they are too much defocused and take life too light.  Thus they fail to understand the depth of a problem/situation, thus aren’t able to meet the target. They don’t want to work hard and go deep. 
  5. The value-performance metrics is something that we should follow, each week. We should be able to measure all activities of the CS team – even if we can’t today, tomorrow we should.
  6. If we don’t understand the fulfillment team’s metrics clearly – previously the fulfillment team did it, thus couldn’t find or solve the problems (when someone is part of a system, sometimes can’t see the problems clearly). People are thinking they are dispatching parcels – and that is everything they can do.
  7. Issue solving – we forget to see the original problems here. We create issues and then we spend time to solve those. Why are those issues created? Many times we just think sending some info about an issue to someone is counted as issue solving, which is totally wrong. The wrong mindset of what is an issue, how it is created, and how to solve it is missing. Why the issues are created in the first place should be investigated properly and we should build a framework that identifies where and when the issues are created, isolates those, and solves them separately. People should be accountable for creating an issue, that is also a parameter we should assess.

How to Apply

You can apply here – with your resume. We would like to see some “WOW Factor” in the resume, and it would be great if you can describe why You Are The One!