Styline’s Young Leadership Program 2019

The Story

Styline (, the female lifestyle based marketplace, invites talented and disruptive fresh-grads (or young professionals) to join its prestigious Young Leadership Program 2019. The goal of this program is to build leaders who can take over different teams in Styline within 6 months. This program comes with a comfortable salary and an opportunity to simultaneously work and learn in a super friendly and super challenging environment to pave your way into the corporate world. Also, if you are looking for an academic full-time internship, feel free to apply.

Why Young Leadership Program?

In 2028, we will be THE lifestyle platform of Bangladesh.

We are pushing ourselves hard and fast towards that vision. With the growth of Styline, the scope to disruption and decision making is growing. We need people who believe the vision and values, can build the process and set success examples to lead. The need for leaders in Styline is felt more than ever.

In Styline we always believe in extraordinary results and potential, and we saw that young and fresh minds are naturally disruptive, more driven and hungry to prove and make impacts. If these people can be trained and mentored properly, they can achieve goals faster with their out-of-the-box efforts. We call them young leaders.

Young leaders have the ability to take authorities and disrupt their goals. They own challenges and bring the result on the table – ANYHOW. They take the courage to live on the edges and still create strong values. They crave to make their own stories. They are our future leaders.

In Styline, we are building a venture from the very scratch to an ecosystem. Without extraordinary and excellent top minds, it will be super hard to reach to the goal. This is why it is so important to have this Young Leadership Program – find and nurture those top talents and give them space to deliver.

Who Can Apply for Young Leadership Program?

If you are a fresh-grad (or you have limited professional experience) and have some track record that proves you stand out from average performers, you are encouraged to apply. This remarkable track record can be some co-curricular activities or some proven dynamic attitude – that have some indication you have leadership characteristics. Remember, this is not a 9 to 5 job, and you should be ready to dedicate enough time for learning. We believe if you want to be a leader, certainly this commitment will be a top priority in your life.

Don’t try to play half-hearted shot for this match!

What will a Young Leader Get

  • 25K – 30K BDT Monthly Salary (2 evaluations yearly, so salary growth curve is steep).
  • Grow your skill and career in a challenging and dynamic environment.
  • Work directly with the leadership team (opportunities to be part of the leadership team).
  • Friendly and challenging environment to learn, make decisions and execute.
  • A culture of leadership, empowerment and taking decisions.
  • Feel pride in what and how we are building a lifestyle marketplace brand for people around us!

How to Apply for Young Leadership Program?

  • Write a cover letter – Why You are The One? and add a resume (please include your LinkedIn profile in it) and then send to
  • The subject of the email should be “Applying for Young Leadership Program”.


1. Is it an MTO (Management Trainee Officer) Role?
Though we found some similarities within these 2 programs, we never tried to follow the MTO program.

A big difference is – MTO program’s purpose is to make good managers (who can manage a process) while Young Leadership Program’s purpose is to make good leaders (who can build process, set examples, make decisions etc).

2. What is the difference between Styline Managers and Young Leaders?
Managers are experienced professionals who are working in their respective departments and know things to manage as they already executed those. In most cases they have a team of people who help them to execute. We expect to the point and direct result from the managers and reporting managers in Styline, so the KPIs are strict and clear. To understand more about managers and reporting managers, this doc can help –

Young leaders are freshers with not much professional experience but have potential to become future leader, so we focus on flexibility – for training and mentorship and they aren’t given any strict KPIs. Rather we plan their growth as leaders. Young leaders work with the leadership team directly, so the leadership team is their reporting manager, and their goal is to learn and make themself ready for leadership role as fast as possible.

Managers can be leader too and leaders can be managers too. Leadership, however is not any designated entity in Styline, rather it’s an expression of responsibilities, authorities and making decisions.

3. What happens after the first 6 months of the Young Leadership Program?

We expect in most cases, we will be ready to assign each and every person from this leadership program to some leadership role – either a reporting manager and/or a manager.

In rare cases, we might need to extend the program’s length beyond 6 months, and in worst case, we might need to end a contract after 6 months (or later).

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