6 Ways to Drape Your Eid Hijab

This eid will be different, everyone will stay at home. We will still wear some beautiful hijab and enjoy the day with family.

To help you doll up, our brand experts bring a few ideas and tips to style your hijab this eid.

The Basic Wrap

As you’re at home, a basic hijab wrap will be perfect for eid morning. You can choose viscose, crinkle, or plain chiffon hijab to get this look and beat the heat of summer. You can find this amazing tutorial here.

Zoom Party With friends

Celebrate this Eid with your friends by video conference using Zoom, Skype, and Facebook messenger. Wear your best hijab to have a glamorous look and style your hijab in a beautiful way. 

 Silk Hijab or silk hijab with stonework looks fabulous on occasions like Eid. Here is a youtube link for you how you can drape your hijab like this.

Crisscross/Side Layered Hijab Style

Eid is a great time to experiment with your looks and try out styles that are a bit out of the comfort zone. With a crisscross or side layered hijab look, you won’t even need a lot of jewelry or makeup as the hijab will be the highlight of your outfit and look. A crisscross hijab tutorial is here. For side layered hijab tutorial, you can check this Instagram link.

Airy hijab style

If you are looking for a free-feeling hijab style then you can go for this one. Wear a tube cap so that your hijab stays in place.

Tie your hijab loosely and let your chin visible. Don’t use pins to secure it. Drape it casually around your neck. You can use chiffon or crinkle to have an elegant look.

Evening Look with Pearled/Studded hijab 

Pearls or studs make your headscarves seem a little fancy without being over. You can style your hijab like this to show pearl or studs of your hijab. 

Tutorial 1 link.

Tutorial 2 link.

Side Pinned Hijab Style

This hijab style is very common and easier to do. It’s simple yet looks elegant. Depending on the hijab color you choose it can be versatile for day and night.

Tutorial link.