Styline’s Black Friday: A Snapshot of the Success Story [Infographic]!

2018 Black Friday was our second Black Friday festival, this time we arranged a week-long shopping event in the last week of November – both online and in store. What an amazing event it was! We sold 6x more products this time then the previous Black Friday event – a clear indication of how people are loving this shopping spree and how we are getting more involved into people’s modest lifestyle.

38500 facebook message in 7 days, average 5500 msg/day

We wanted to make Black Friday sales event a festival, where people can enjoy various discounts in stores, website, app and facebook; enjoy their stay with us in the stores, and additionally be part of some day-wise different events. This is the first time we launched Styline App Day (28 Nov) and The Free Delivery Day (27 Nov) – and after we measure the tremendous success of these very special days, we are more than sure, they will be part of our yearly BF event in the upcoming years!

10 times more app orders in Styline App Day


The fashion is always changing, and the trait in Styline is also changing. Here we found some important characteristics that will help us understand our customers more deeply.

Styline App is becoming the Next Big Thing – a very successful Styline App day made the App a super highlight of this festival. We received 10 times more orders from the app on Styline App Day and 3 times more orders than other Black Friday day. People don’t want to wait in the fb inbox, rather they want to take the discounts super fast from the app and confirm the products before they get stock out.
All about Styline App Day –


People like to shop from stores – when the products are fashion and lifestyle items (hijab, dress and cosmetics), people choose stores to shop from if any Styline store is nearby.
If you are looking for some store shopping to purchase our hijab, here is the location –


Facebook Inbox is SUPERHIT – In only 7 days, we had 38500 messages in our facebook inbox, no wonder why facebook is the primary platform for female online shopper in Bangladesh. People feel comfortable to discuss on products, claim their discounts and share the pictures of the products easily and conveniently in facebook.
Our ever happening Styline hijab page in facebook –

Our graphics team made a superb infographics that we want to share with you – to show you the picture what you were part of, and if you didn’t shop from the festival, what you have missed :p


If you want to try our new app, this is here 🙂

Android App link –
iOS App link –

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