Introducing Mintique in Styline Cosmetics

Why using skin irritating chemical products as skincare items when there are homemade organic and natural alternaives? Many people have sensitive skin that doesn’t respond well to chemically laden products. This is why, Styline Cosmetics always inspires to use nature inspired products. This time, to give you all a new experience of organic cosmetics, we are happily announcing our new partner MINTIQUE. 100% fresh and organic cosmetics range from Mintique will definitely take you one step closer to the nature.

We all know how much study and pressure a medical student has to bear around the whole year. But it did not stop Bushra Sarah, owner of Mintique; to start her journey a year back. She had immense interested in organic products which made her start this journey of Mintique, with her own recipes. With the organic raw ingredients, she makes various self care items and also packs and seals them too by herself. As all the products are made with this much of love, they come out so fresh and authentic.

Suffering from any skin realted issues? Having excessive hair fall? Problem of chapped lips? You’ll get all the solutions with Mintique organic products. With their vairety and wide range of products you can not only pamper your skin and hair, but also your lips and lashes. Day by day, they are increasing their product line too and surprising the customers with more beneficial products.

Lip essentials from Mintique

What makes Mintique different from any other cosmetics line? Here’s the answer – their price range. Their highest priced products are of only 300 tk! You will get the best organic herbal beauty products with the fresh ingredients at the cheapest rate possible. So, if you are a student or have minimal income, here’s your budget friendly destination for beauty products!

Styline Cosmetics is proud to bring Mintique in this largest Halal & Organic Cosmetics platform.

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