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How to apply

Send your resume to with a cover letter why YOU ARE THE ONE!

Get to Know the Role (Internship)

In this fall (Q4, 2017 & Q1, 2018), we are bringing some disruptive marketing campaigns which need creativity, smart communication and bold implementation to bring successful outcome.

These campaigns are not just desk-job projects, rather we need to go extra miles to bring desired result. Different projects will have different responsibilities. You have to plan the milestones, meet the deadlines, assess the progress, prepare the report and analyze with the team. Well, that’s the common part.

Specific projects’ responsibility include – meet students, customers and business people,  train them as campus ambassadors or read customers mindset to define user persona or negotiate with potential partners to make deals, work on a product line to bring in the best designers in the town and then launch, promote and sell, execute a 360 social media campaign etc.

For each campaign, we are going to assign one co-coordinator who will work directly with the top authority and be responsible for the success of the project. These are the people we are searching for and we want to make sure we setup projects with the best people we could find.

Estimated 25-30 hours/week is needed (hours included office work, work from home, meeting/training people etc). Projects are 3 to 6 months long.


We prefer people who are motivated to play big roles in early stage startup (Instead of being small parts of a big company), people with entrepreneurial mindset who are always eager to create values in real business.

What You will Get

  • Excellent opportunity to excel in what you are good at.
  • Real time business learning (we are a startup; believe me, if you love challenges it will be more interesting to work in a startup).
  • Success story to add in your profile.
  • Monthly salary 7K BDT.


Though these are paid internship projects, we strongly recommend not to think it as the priority (thus we put it as the last point). Learn and create values, money will follow you.


  • Build project plan, run feasibility and budget analysis.
  • High-level co-ordination to manage the project.
  • Prepare to get hands dirty in execution.
  • Prepare weekly report on progress.


Different campaigns need different type of activities. We are interested to discuss which project could suit you. These campaigns include – work with freelance designers to successfully launch a fashion wardrobe, find & co-ordinate campus ambassadors to market products, facilitating youtube episodes on successful hijabi ladies, event co-ordinator, brand a product line in social media, how to enter into corporate/group events etc.

The MUST Haves

  • Strong communication and co-ordination skill.
  • Dynamic mindset to handle any situation in the best possible way.
  • Confidence to take smart decisions.
  • High-energy.
  • Disruptive mindset to bring result.
  • Out-of-the box thinker.

Get to Know Styline

Styline is a modest lifestyle online marketplace where you can find top brands’ products at the most affordable price. Our amazing journey started with hijabs in April, 2015; and now we are offering modest dress, halal cosmetics and and hijab accessories. Our goal is to become the leading online marketplace for women fashion by 2021/2022. We started small and now are a team of 20+ people, growing steadily and building reputation.

This is our website –

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How to apply

Send your resume to with a cover letter why YOU ARE THE ONE!