Are YOU Designing Amazing Dress?

So many people now-a-days study fashion design or have interest to design their own dress line. And so many of them have good sense in designing dress, they end in just designing for themselves, sometimes for their relatives and friends.

Most of us don’t know how to flourish this skill to professionally build our own product line. How to go to the next step – think confidently from sourcing to engaging right set of people to buy the products.

… and the dream gets shuttered. We forget what we believe in, and some creative minds that could build the next happening brands in Bangladesh, fall in the face even before they could start flying!

This time, we want to make some EXCEPTION.

In this fall, Styline takes this out-of-the-box effort to bring some of these extra-ordinary design idea into life. We want to cater the best dress curators in town and assist you in every phase – train you and invest in you, connect you with the niche target audience, and plan with you how to go to market, promote and sell your products – in styline platform.

How to Apply

Send an email to –┬áwhich will contain very clear image(s) of your most recent work, something that you designed and manufactured. It’s better if you can send the picture with someone wearing it.

Attach a latest CV and a cover letter explaining – “WHY YOU ARE THE ONE?”

The subject of the email should be – “Applying for Dress Design Project”.

Deadline to Submit Application – 20th November, 2017.


What Will The Designers/Curators Gain from This Project?

  1. A real-time business know-how to develop your own design line – from the idea stage to sale.
  2. An exciting profile headline and opportunity to get highlighted in Styline and other lifestyle platform.
  3. Exclusive one year contract with Styline to launch full wardrobe in 2 major events yearly.
  4. A percentage of profit from every sale of your dress for first six months (so be prepared to design some remarkable dress)!


What Styline Will Get from ThIS Project?

  1. We have 500 thousands niche audience who follow modest lifestyle, we want to meet the growing demand of modest dress (already we have partners in our platform, but now we want to explore more widely and deeply).
  2. Introducing dress line from all good designers – which will give us varieties and diversity – in material, design and price range as there will be different designers working on it.
  3. Exclusiveness.
  4. We will get more room to cater the modest lifestyle lovers, thus can establish the brand more strongly.


Program Location – Styline Syamoli Office.

Duration – 8 Weeks (1 day meet-up weekly, but if you need help, you can schedule anytime).

Detail Time-frame (8 Weeks)

  1. Selection – interview, shortlist and select designers (Max 15 people) – 1 week.
  2. Program Intro – share our plans in detail. Get idea from the on-board designers – 1 week.
  3. Training – training road-map to connect design with materials. – 1 week.
  4. Manufacturing – connect the designers with the tailors for the manufacturing. Cost-cutting technique (on-board designers can bring in their tailors or get support from them) – 2 week.
  5. Launching – final touch, make sample ready, event to showcase the products, photo-shoot, promotion plan etc – 1 week
    1. At the end of launching, we will start prebooking.
  6. Shipping – start delivering the dress, store-launching, fair launching, detail and long-term promotion, customers follow-up etc – 1 week.
  7. Wrapping UP – gala dinner, celebrity meetup,┬áinterviews of the designers, testimonial collection, new contract signing etc.


So people, Why waiting? Let’s make this program a HUGE one. You are interested? Just apply. Or know someone, who might be interested? Just send the link.


Learn to more about Styline? Read below

A Culture we Believe in

It’s all about building a startup from the scratch. We need passion and hard-work. For last 26 months, we have grown from nothing to a stable company that delivers modesty among young people, and now we are adding new product lines. If you are a tech savvy, interested enough to set your career path into e-commerce and ready to walk extra mile to excel in what you are doing, then we are looking for you.

Styline is the first modest lifestyle based e-commerce in Bangladesh market. Want to know more about Styline and what we take pride in? Check this link.

Read the value and mission of Styline here.